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A Guide to Picking Winning Horses

They say in the great California Goldrush of 1848 through 1855 that the only guaranteed way to strike gold was to sell mining supplies. Similarly, perhaps the only way to guarantee you will pick...

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Casino Gambling: Everything you need to know to get started

How to get the best out of gambling

1. If you’re going to gamble, know how to play your hand

To be successful in life, you must know the rules of the game you’re playing. If you don’t know the rules, then you won’t know how to play the game. This is why being greeted by a casino hostess welcoming you to play a minimum bonus slot machine is a great way to go. On the other hand, if you become a regular, you’ll learn the various popular casino games, give it a shot, and you’ll soon learn the real gems that lie within the bonus slots. Ensure you check Your Gambling Chips before getting into It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to get the most out of your visit to a casino. It is important to know the basics. Make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages before you start gambling or get involved in playing online casino games.

Make sure you manage your bankroll by managing your balance sheet. You’ll never be able to beat the casino if you don’t know how to manage your finances. Casinos always have an edge over the player due to the fact that they can reshuffle the deck, they can change the odds of the game, and they can change the rules of the game. The only way to beat a casino is to always know the basics of casino gambling and money management. In order to know these basics, you must educate yourself. The best way to know these basics is to study and master the rules of casinos.

2. Know your limits and don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose

Knowing your limits is important for both your physical and mental health. You can’t do everything all the time, and you need to stop and ask for help before you’re overwhelmed. There’s no shame in saying no if you can’t do something. Now that you’ve got your slot machine, wooden stool, and learn to maneuver around the crowd at the tea room, it’s time to put your nervous energy to work. But try your best to keep your tips for the most part realistic, and don’t forget to have fun — this just may be what the doctor ordered!

If you’re like me, you wanted to get as close as possible to the slot machine before the show started. And let me tell you, it’s an experience you don’t forget. Screaming, flailing, knocking over, and skittering across the casino floor, no problem. I even had my friends do it for me. Closing that $20 can of worms felt so surreal, I still do it every now and then. Casino games don’t cost much if you manage your risk and money correctly.

The ads on television and online promote aggressively and appear to say that anyone can win big, but any experienced gambler will tell you that there is no such thing. It takes many hours of study and a good attitude to become a good, deserving player. You can also take advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to further increase your knowledge.

live casinos - Casino Gambling: Everything you need to know to get started

3. Know the rules of the casino games and take advantage of them

If you want to work in the gaming industry, you should know where people play games. If you want to work in the financial industry, you should know how people manage their money, and if you want to work in the retail industry, you should know how people shop. All these concepts are going to be different in each industry, but learning how to think different will help you to be a better employee and be able to complete tasks that will be a challenge in each industry. So, while you want to know how people think, I’d suggest learning how to move or play a certain way or more than how they think. There’s a lot of cool, somewhat unique, and awesome games that you can play.

If you’re a member of a online casino, you can use your membership as a way to get free deals. Slots for example can have bonuses attached to them, so make sure that you know what bonuses are. If you accidentally set all of your bonuses too high, you might end up losing out on a few gains. There are a few key variables you need to know in order to make a profit from casino gambling.

Set profit goals and stick to them If you don’t know when you’ll make that last cent, you’ll end up frustrated and making fewer gains than you planned. It’s important to have profit goals set and stick to them because the longer you wait to start gambling, the more time there will be for you to miss those gains and the less incentive you’ll have to work harder when you find yourself short on funds.

Top tips to sports betting online

Top sports betting tips

1. What is sports betting?

Sports betting is the act of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome. Sports betting can be done through many different mediums, usually through a sportsbook or sports exchange. Sports betting is not legal in all areas due to legal issues. However, it is legal to bet on sports in New Zealand. The internet changed the sports betting industry when it came to online betting, which has led to a boom. This boom was mainly due to the fact that illegal sports betting is illegal, there has been a boom among online sports bettors (online bettors). As of 2017, the estimated online sports bettors reach 21% of the worldwide population. This online market is made up of millions created occasionally bettors online on a regular basis; that is, without paying a lot of money. Because of these players’ constant internet use, they have become much less active when it comes to the sport that they frequent.

Types of sports betting

There are many different sports and games that can be bet on legally. However, there are limits when it comes to certain betting methods. English premier league (soccer), Rugby (NZRL), The NFL (American football), mixed martial arts (MMA), and Tennis are some of the most popular sports when it comes to betting.

Risks associated with gambling

In the world of online sports betting, risks associated with the betting medium are among the biggest. Different types of risks can come up for the stake involved in different bets. Some risks are caused by the bet itself like a winning bet means winning money, while others are caused by the sports competition (e.g. a prediction could be wrong). Some risks are caused by people or situations outside the control of the individual.

Best betting sports online - Top tips to sports betting online

2. What type of bets can I place?

There are two types of bets in the world of binary options. First, there are the simple “yes or no” bets with a fixed payout. Second, there are the “in- or out-of-the-money” bets, with payouts that increase or decrease depending on how close you get to the actual market price. When you see the word “market” in these types of bets, betting is usually implied, but it can also be specifically mentioned. Sports betting, on the other hand, does not include the “market” in its definition. One of the main differences between the two is the population of the “market,” though both heavily include experts noting the inaccuracies of popular teams or players. Finally, there are “instant payouts,” where you can bet instantly rather than waiting for the bet to complete one cycle before your next payoff is due. For instance, if your favourite free agent signed a contract with your favourite Basketball team, but just picked up a new one, your first bet would be that you will buy the contract out of the current ownership and transfer it to your favourite team. It’s just the same as if you took a bet on basketball, but your favourite team won. The only difference, of course, is that you can bet at any time. It is likely some of the very largest “instant payouts” in sports revolve around legalized sports betting. Betting, in other words, is still betting, but especially for sports bettors, it is significantly less complicated than it once was.

3. How to use your bankroll correctly when betting on sports?

Sports betting is a great way to make money if you know what you’re doing, but it’s also very easy to lose money if you don’t. When you’re betting on sports, you should know how to use your bankroll properly.

When you watch games on television, it’s important to be aware that all the games are played in real-time and the betting odds are determined by the fans—not by a bookmaker. Game sports betting is the practice of betting on real-time events or games. This is done by putting a wager on the outcome of these sporting events.

While it’s easy to see that betting on a soccer game can be a risky venture, many bets on soccer (and other sports) are legitimate. Most of the bets on soccer aren’t really wagering on winning the game or who scores, but on who scores within a certain timeframe (the amount of time specified in the betting rule). Most of the wagering rules are realistic, but there are some slight differences between the soccer betting markets. There are multiple ways to bet on a game within a reasonable timeframe. This includes Online social media betting and online sportsbooks. A team can be put on the line in any of these markets, and money can be bet on any of these bets.

4. How to win at sport betting online?

Yes, there is a lot of risks involved with betting on sports online. Not only is there the normal risk involved with gambling, but you also run the risk of being scammed. There are many internet sites that offer to let you bet on sports online, but many of them are scams and will take your money and run. The first thing you’ll need to know about online sports betting is that it is a type of gambling. It’s not illegal to bet on sports, but it is against the rules of many online gambling sites. If you bet online, you are entering into a legal contract with the site that allows you to wager money. So, if you’re playing a game of chance, you’ve broken the rules.

While there are many different types of bets that you can place, you’re basically betting on who will win a specific sporting event. There is a difference between a point spread and a point total, and you’re most likely to see points spread bets. I’m going to share a few tips to help you win at sport betting online.

  1.  First of all, you need to choose a reliable betting site.
  2. Then, you need to find a good betting tipster.
  3.  Go through the tipster’s profile and check out his betting stats.
  4. Take note of the betting type he recommends for your betting environment.
  5. Once you choose a good site to bet on, it’s time to review your current bets.

You can use these tips to develop a strategy and start placing your bets. The goal is to have the best odds and win money. It’s also important that you’re realistic with this type of sports betting as you may come out hundreds of dollars short.

A Guide to Picking Winning Horses

picking a winning horse - A Guide to Picking  Winning Horses

They say in the great California Goldrush of 1848 through 1855 that the only guaranteed way to strike gold was to sell mining supplies. Similarly, perhaps the only way to guarantee you will pick winners in horse racing is to sell tout sheets. There are literally thousands of opinions about how to pick a winning horse in a horse race, and part of the reason that horse racing is so popular is that “on paper,” many horses look unbeatable but there are many aspects at play. For example, Cornell University Math department in an interesting article called “Numbers 306 Longshot” wrote about a gambler who specifically picked 30 horse racers in a row. His secret? The gambler assumed that many horse races are fixed and that the odds, which are set by the actual betters, favor the #1 horse, and many bettors in the track ignore the second-best horse. Only our better here noticed the trend that the second-best horse consistently won. Apparently having the second-best horse win didn’t arise suspicion when the favorite was beaten. So we have to begin with a caveat. Is horse racing fixed? Sometimes, but it’s very rare nowadays.

So if we assume horse racing is legit, the first thing we want to look at is the racing form

This, together with tout sheets bought from paid professionals have a world of information. For example, one of the factors is the stall or gate position. On a short race, the outside stall is it the favored position. The horse can sprint to the outside without interference. On a longer race, however, an inside stall position is best.

Next, in the form of the horse, how he has finished in previous races

Mind you, this is only a hint of the horse’s performance. You need to dig deeper. But one the surface at least, if a horse does well in the last couple of races, chances your horse may come into the money again. So go ahead and look for the patterns. However, how well a horse may do depends greatly on the track. Some horses love dirt while others do better on the grass. Some horses do fantastic on a dry track but act like they have cement galoshes on when running on a muddy track. Also, pay attention to the distance. Some horses are great at sprints but gas out on longer distances.

Another thing to look at is days since the last race

Horses are athletes of a kind. Run that horse too often, and they are simply dog tired to run the race. Meanwhile, if the horse hasn’t run for a while, it may be a little rusty once the horse is back on the track. In general, 30 to 60 days is about the right amount of rest for a horse. Less than 30, or more than 60 and you need to proceed with caution.

Previous wins and distance as well as course wins

Let’s say a race is being run at a mile and a quarter. If the horse has won at this distance, on the racing forum will be the letter D. Lets say the horse has won at the particular racing track you are on. Then the racing forum will be marked with the letter C. If the horse has won at both the course and the very same distance, then the racing forum would reflect the letters CD.

Postimage 5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On horse - A Guide to Picking  Winning Horses

Jockey and trainer data

Some put great stock in this information, some use it as a tie-breaker when deciding on a horse, but some jockeys or trainers are really hot at certain distances.

The official ranking

The official ranking is how the professionals rank a horse. The higher the number, the higher value of the horse. In order to enforce handicap rules, horses with a higher official ranking are weighted down, and how much-added weight the horse will carry can be a huge factor in the race results. Generally, professional bettors consider that for every 1 lb of additional weight a horse may carry is the equivalent loss of 1/5 of a second in time, which translates to 1 horse length in a mile race. Consequently knowing how the horse reacts to the added weight is important. Did the horse have the same added weight on his last race? How did he do? It’s important to know.

Look at your horse before betting

Another key is to look at your horse before betting. Does your horse look spirited and ready to race? Or does he look sick and tired? Is the horse moving well and does he have a shiny coat, or does the horse look sweaty? While looking at the horse in the paddock can be an inexact science, it can give you valuable clues, particularly if you have two horses on paper that look great but only one passes your paddock test.

Finding a value bet

If you bet $100 on a horse to win and your grand total winnings are $120, you may have won $20 but you stood a fair chance of losing $100. If possible, find bets that give you odds of 2 to 1 or 3 to one odds. While the right horse and the right race don’t come up often, your overall bankroll will thank you for settling on limited better value bets. Longshot betting on the other hand r is a poor strategy. Unless you have really good information to tell you otherwise, horses that pay 25 to 1 or 30 to 1 are a poor choice.

Consider your betting strategy

Besides putting all the factors together, also consider your betting strategy. Although you win more, you aren’t required to place all of your bets to win. If you feel, based upon all the various factors that a horse certainly would qualify to run in the top three, consider making a place bet or a show bet. People who bet place or show are more consistent at winning money.

Tips to Picking An Online Casino in New Zealand

Picking an Online Casino 1 - Tips to Picking An Online Casino in New Zealand

The first thing to realize before we get started is there are no actual online casinos in New Zealand. There are 6 brick and mortar casinos spread throughout New Zealand and the government thinks that is plenty. Besides the casinos, there are horse racing, lotto, and poker. It is estimated that 80 percent of New Zealanders gamble in some form, and it is a sure bet that a substantial amount of them use online casinos. While New Zealand might have strict laws on regulating casinos, both brick and mortar within the country, the laws make it clear that as long as a New Zealander is of age, they are perfectly free to gamble at online casinos not based in New Zealand. They can deposit money to gamble, and they can withdraw money from winnings. And incidentally, winnings at an off-shore casino are not taxable.

So how do New Zealanders pick an honest, reliable casino?

One way is to figure out where the Casino is licensed. Generally, the best online casinos are licensed in Malta or the UK. Both these countries run class act online casinos. Also, look for an eCOGRA symbol at the bottom of the casino website. The eCogra symbol stands for the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance which is a London Based international player protection as well as an approved testing facility. If a casino says a slot machine has a 97 percent payback, eCogra will verify it. And eCogra will verify that all the decks in the blackjack cards have 52 even distributed cards and every game is essentially on the up and up. In addition, eCogra is the organization to go to if you have a dispute with the casino, that’s something that the UK and Malta Gambling authorities rarely touch although they may cursively look into it.

Postimage 5 Helpful Tips before Playing New Zealand Powerball Online research - Tips to Picking An Online Casino in New Zealand

Read Casino Reviews

Do you believe you’ve found a great offshore casino? It’s highly recommended that you read at least three reviews of the casino to get a general feel for the casino. Reading reviews can save you a heck of a lot of time. You’ll find out who licenses them, how many slot machines, how many live casino games, the avenues the casino uses to deposit funds, the withdrawal avenues, how long it takes for winning deposits to be made, the withdrawal limit, who to contact with support issues and whether support is by chat, email or telephone. The reason you want to read at least three reviews, and 6 would probably be better is that many reviews are biased on the net. And there are also a lot of sour grapes. For example, people who had their accounts closed by the casino because they didn’t meet their player restrictions, or they had several accounts and thus lost bonuses. By far the most important things you want to know are:

  • 1. Are New Zealand Players Accepted?
  • 2. Is New Zealand Dollars an acceptable Currency
  • 3. How long does it take for your deposit to be accepted?
  • 4. How long after winning will you receive your winnings and by what avenue?
  • 5. What documents do you need to show to be a verified player? Remember, all of this is taking place online.

Pay attention to online casinos that offer quick payouts is the key information you need. Of course, if you are a slot player, you probably already know that some online casinos have 100 different slot machines and some have 700. Another big thing in the online casino is are bonuses. I personally don’t like bonuses because my experience is that they all have more exceptions and clauses to the casino bonuses than renting an apartment. I prefer to rate a casino on reliability rather than on bonuses, but if you are the flighty type, then be sure to go to their website and read every word on exactly how bonuses work. You need to know what us the minimum amount you need to deposit, and how much you need to gamble in the casino (and which part of the casino) you need to spend those bonuses and how long do they last, a day, a week, a month? Personally I do like the minimum deposit casino bonuses that some casinos offer for as little as $10 dollars because it gives you a good feel of what the casino is like without committing too much.

Top Rated Casinos in New Zealand

With so many great online casinos in New Zealand to choose from it can be hard to know which to choose.  We have looked through-out the web to find the 5 most popular safe casinos that the kiwis love. All of these are protected by eCogra and have the latest licenses to ensure player safety. We also found the customer service of all of these casinos to be very helpful.

1: Captain Spins Casino

2: Jackpot City Casino

3: Jonny Jackpot Casino

4: CasiGo Casino

5: SkyCity Online Casino

live casinos - Tips to Picking An Online Casino in New Zealand


The next thing you might want to check is whether they accept New Zealand Dollars as currency. Probably around 15 or 20 percent do, and that’s in your favor because if they don’t accept New Zealand dollars you’ll probably need to go through a third party to make your deposits and receive them, and you can lose a boatload of money on the currency exchange.

The overall vibe of the website

If I had my way, eCogra or another body would insist that all online casino websites follow the same format. There’s far too much, “We are the best, rah rah language” across the board. Online casinos are fun, but even if you are a consistent winner, they are not really that much fun. Remember, that as the customer, you call the shots at an online casino. There are dozens to choose from so it’s not as if most of them will be closing next week and you need to get in on the action now. Take your time. Go slow. And pick two or three good ones, and play at those until the casino acts otherwise. Another thing to keep in mind, and it is important, is how do you access the site. Most modern online casinos, recognizing that over 50 percent of the web are accessing the casino on a mobile phone. Is your casino mobile friendly? Do you have to download the casino software, or is it automatic from the web? There are lots of other tips available on the web, but above all choose only the most reliable casinos.

The Best Online Pokies in New Zealand.

rowofslots - The Best Online Pokies in New Zealand.

Are you interested in gambling? Do you spend most of your time on casinos? Would you like to know the best pokies in New Zealand? If yes, then keep reading this article. In this article, we will let you know the best online pokies you can access in New Zealand. Below are some discussed top pokies you can have access to in New Zealand.


When we talk about Jackpot City, it is an online casino-built site that gives players endless choices. In JackpotCity, there is a welcome New Zealand bonus, which can serve you a stake to play at any table of your choice. One exciting thing about JackpotCity is that you are going to enjoy a 100% deposit in your account immediately after your first transaction is processed. One feature that makes JackpotCity New Zealand unique among the others is the user-friendly interface platform for beginners. Are you interested in making profits? In situations where you would like to make a considerable per cent of profit by all Jackpot City gambling club games, you have to join and make your first deposit ready. There are more than 300 opening games, very much worked by the monster betting organization. They are considered smaller scale gaming that is known for its amazing in online table structure and stage improvement. Appreciate incredible twists as you win money and rewards. The arrangement is that you can bet whenever of the day since tables are always accessible. Gambling club JackpotCity in New Zealand offers players amazing playing stages where there is no hanging or any interference as experienced in other online gambling clubs.

More gambling machines continue being added to cause you to appreciate another experience every second. You can appreciate best in class card tables of a wide range of varieties. Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat are accessible for you to pick. All card tables are effectively working with a convincing plan to guarantee you have excellent gaming experience. The board comes in both web stages and downloadable programming bundles. The betting house ensures that you appreciate playing the entire day and night anyplace you will be. In this way, an emotionally supportive network is set up. If you find yourself to be an amateur and you might want to acclimate yourself with any game before you bet your cash, there are many jackpot city games openings you can play. They will manage you and grow your experience, so you become acquainted with the pragmatic standards of the games. When you become accustomed to these games, you can play genuine gambling. The betting house bolsters more than ten dialects, so there is space for everybody. At the point when you register at the New Zealand JackpotCity online club, you don’t have to go to a betting house to appreciate playing a game of cards with genuine sellers. You can sign in into your record and select the live play choice symbol. You will see live tables of different levels, and you should pick the one that coordinates your degree of aptitudes. In live play, you play with genuine sellers, progressively, at the solace of your own home. Bonanza City Casino Online has astoundingly assembled programming stages that empower you to see each picture and enjoy it.

Postimage 5 Ways to help you Profit from NZ Rugby Sports Betting mobile - The Best Online Pokies in New Zealand.

Royal Vegas

One of the best pokies you could ever come across is Royal Vegas. It is one of the award-winning pokies that offers more than 700 in different kinds of themes in New Zealand. In Royal Vegas, you will have various online space games with full fun titles to look over. Royal Vegas has increased throughout the years since it offers more than 700 games just as an assortment of banking alternatives.

Tiki Wonders Online Slot. Tiki Wonders stays the best in class dynamic bonanza space. The general feel of the game is unspectacular yet at the same time charming, practical, and fun. The Hawaiian vibe is delicately done, with a seashore foundation, the sound of lapping waves, and seashore occasion themed symbols going from dolphins to daiquiris.

Twin Spin Online Slot. Since Twin Spins is, generally, an original game, there aren’t a lot of unique highlights to mess up your play. It’s isolated from more seasoned grand openings by its one of a kind reels synchronizing highlight, depicted underneath, and it has a Wild image that substitutes for every other icon on the reels. Not at all, like most of the 5-reel video spaces, there isn’t a Scatter image, free twists, or separate extra games. However, you can use Auto-play and have it turn somewhere in the range of 10 to 1000 twists for your sake.

Under the Bed Online Slot. Another best in class opening game from Bet soft. The Under the Bed online space exhibits each stunt the product studio has up its sleeves. With clingy wilds and free turn adjusts. There’s bounty here going knock in the night. Gain proficiency with about how you can initiate these highlights and the prizes stowing away in the space in more subtleties. Under the Bed Online Slot Is one of the best pokies you can access in New Zealand.

Thunderstruck II online slot. Have you ever considered the Thunderstruck II online slot game? If you haven’t, then it is one of the best pokies in New Zealand. It Comes in with an amazing feature, such as the Great Hall of Spins. With this kind of feature, you will have the opportunity to all multi-level spins bonus.

Wizard of Oz. One of the top pokies in New Zealand is Wizard of Oz Slot Machine. It operates on the ideal time favourite movie. In this game, you will have the opportunity to come across 5 reels and 30bet lines that offers the highest payout. It comes in with some fantastic features, such as free spins, scatters and some jackpots. One excellent feature it has is the user-friendly interface you will experience. The Wizard of Oz has a ton of extraordinary highlights from the dissipated element image, the growing wilds, the pick includes, and the significant stake. The wild image has payouts too close to the considerable stake; however, they are as vast as you might think. The wild can fill in for different photos to make winning mixes aside from with the element image or the top big stake blend. The Road to Emerald City gives the player access to the reward round. The Winged Monkey highlight is access to the free twists round. The quantity of free twists granted is equivalent to the number that was initially given. One of the most lucrative images is the Jackpot image. To win the big stake, five images with the image need to show up just as be on a functioning pay line.

The Best Sports for Betting in New Zealand

soccerballonfield - The Best Sports for Betting in New Zealand

There are many sports to bet in New Zealand, but you have to choose the right one to bet on. Some decisions will be straightforward for those who are interested in sporting activities in New Zealand. These people select simply to wager on every sport that they watch and follow. This method is the best as far as sports is concerned in New Zealand. The kind of knowledge they have in these sports will give them a better chance of winning a significant amount of money. For many people, however, these are not that simple. Many people in New Zealand follow many sporting activities but do not know about betting on them, while some do not bet on them at all. While others follow a lot of sporting activities and know the right ones for them. Even though many of their decisions seem to be very easy, but it is worth trying, it is something they have planned thoroughly before betting on. So, what is the right procedure to bet on? What are the best sporting activities for betting in New Zealand? There are sports that a lot of people from New Zealand think is better, but not everyone will have such an opinion. The best games for an individual to bet on will differ for another person. These principles apply to whether it is the best option to bet on a single sport, a couple of games, or many sports. There many factors to consider before betting on any sports. What needs to be done most is looking for the best one. Many people in New Zealand want to bet on sports but do not know the best of them to bet on. Do not worry, we’ll be taking you through the various best sporting activities in New Zealand and how to bet on them. We begin by having a look at the most popular sporting activities you could come across in New Zealand. We know that there are some excellent reasons for why some of the sporting activities are not the best to bet on.

Soccer Betting

Have you at any point thought about what the widely known sports activity in this world was? Marvel no longer since we have the right response to your question. Soccer outnumbers any sporting activity in any nation around the globe, with their matches continually pulling in enormous crowds. Soccer overcomes every single other game. Indeed, even in New Zealand, soccer has already gained more ground in the history of sports. It was in the year 1982 that the World Cup was held there. Most of their soccer leagues have become a genuinely decent league, and numerous people in New Zealand enjoy the soccer. Their Soccer League is governed by New Zealand Football (NFZ). While football is highly recognized in many cities across New Zealand, soccer is additionally a popular sporting activity for betting purposes. It pulls in more betting interest in the world than many other sports games. This is not to be challenged when you have a look at the number of matches that take place within a day or some hours. There is a large number of leagues and rivalries around in New Zealand that it would take a long time just to enumerate them all. There are numerous reasons why soccer betting has won the hearts of many citizens in New Zealand, with one idea that it is straightforward to understand the various terms in soccer. With only a few pieces of information, it is pronounced to win a bet on soccer in New Zealand. There is a lot more to comprehend if you want to make a lot of profit from soccer betting. To throw more light on the above tips, this betting guide has special techniques. This will upgrade your soccer betting techniques. Which will also give you a more prominent possibility of winning more on your bets slips. Many people have bigger dreams than merely enjoying themselves, winning is their primary objective. Which category do you belong to? Or do you even bet for fun? Many people in New Zealand bet to make extra money, but that is not the case. You need to have time for your slips, plan on them very well. Moreover, knowledge cannot be left out, you have to get a basic understanding of soccer. Money is the main objective of getting more returns.

Horse Racing Betting

New Zealand offers the best betting of any racing sports activity around the globe, and gamblers are beginning to get included. Horse racing is enormous sports betting activity in New Zealand, and we need to take a glance at what number of Kiwi- horses are being trained in New Zealand and dominates many horse racing competitions in the world. With probably the most exorbitant track per-capita rating in this world, the need for horse racing is never an issue in New Zealand. Regardless of whether you’re betting on the New Zealand Derby or a lady at Rotorua, betting on New Zealand horse racing is very interesting and all the more sporting activities which benefit many gamblers and for recreational purposes. Horse racing sporting activities have a vibrant and prominent history in New Zealand, and thousands of people gather to watch and bet on this event in New Zealand. Many punters who choose to bet online on horse racing in New Zealand has been earning many valuable rewards. Remember to plan well before you bet on horse racing because you might think that it simple. For one reason or the other, horse racing events should be a significant interest for you as far as sports is concerned, if you do not love horse racing, then you shouldn’t worry yourself about betting on it since it will be time-wasting. You have to consider several factors before betting on it. The age of the horse, track record should be considered before establishing your odds.


Rugby sports activity is one of the most popular sporting activities in New Zealand. It is one of the significant sporting activities that has influenced the country’s culture. This sporting activity arose from small cities and towns in the country. It would be challenging to have a trip to a city or town in New Zealand without sporting Rugby sporting activities. Rugby sporting activity was founded by Charles Monro, who was born in England. It is one of the popular sporting activities that gamblers spend tons of dollars on betting. Rugby is part of the national sports team in New Zealand and has become part of the Kiwi culture. If you are looking for one of the best sporting activities in New Zealand, then you should consider Rugby.

Tips to Winning More In New Zealand Roulette

roulette - Tips to Winning More In New Zealand Roulette

There are plenty of strategies to winning games. Especially when casino gaming is the topic of discussion. Each casino game has a certain strategy that is used for the player to have a high probability of winning. Although, it may be easier said than done. It takes a huge level of concentration and skill to master the art of winning. Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning little wheel. The player chooses to place bets on either a single number or various groupings of numbers. It doesn’t matter if the colour is black or red or if the numbers are odd or even. But what players must understand is that with 38 numbers, the true odds of hitting a single number on a single bet are 37 to 1. This could raise a lot of doubts in your head but it’s important to know that there is always a possibility of improving your odds. There are various strategies used when playing roulette in New Zealand. Roulette is quite simple. It is more simple than a lot of players may think. Many people think of the game as being complicated because many gamblers have lost thousands at roulette tables. But just like any other game, you must have a strategy. Below are going to be a few tips that will help you pick the best roulette strategy suited for you.

Which Roulette Wheels Are The Most Profitable?

It’s important to remember that when you’re looking to play roulette at the casino, don’t place your bet on the first table you see. Instead, remain patient and way out your options. It’s important that you look for the European wheel because it’s the roulette wheel with only one zero. The only difference between the American wheel and the European wheel is that the American wheel has an extra slot. The added extra zero can be the difference between winning or losing the game. Understand that if you play the European wheel, your chance at winning a bet is 1/37 while the chances are much slimmer at 1/38 in the American wheel. Knowing small details like that can help your chances of winning.

Remember To Be Discrete

Because everyone has a strategy on how to win the game, you must keep your secrets to yourself. Some casinos will purposely spy on you and try to find out about your methods once they realize that you’re constantly winning. You must remain discrete especially if your methods aren’t considered legal. If your methods are considered illegal you could risk being denied your winnings. All that work you put into winning will all go to waste.

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Taking Advantage

It’s always important that you take advantage of your dealer’s signature. Most dealers try to avoid developing a pattern. But sometimes certain patterns cannot be easily avoided as one may think. The moment your dealer gets lazy or tired, take advantage of it as soon as you notice the sudden change. This is important because the dealer’s signature controls the pace of the wheel. Details such as that can help you determine the sector where there’s a high chance of the ball landing.

Avoid Busy Tables

A lot of people may not realize this but the busier the tables the less chance you have of actually winning. Why? Because the busier tables have the most infrequent spins. If a table is busy, the payouts will take longer with more players you have, therefore leading to infrequent spins. Because of this notion, try to avoid tables on busy nights. A great example is days like Friday and Saturday. With that being said, pick tables with a reasonable amount of players. That way you can keep a low profile and remain discrete while also having access to frequent spins.

Real Roulette

Because some casinos offer online roulette, you have to be careful that you do not bet on a random number. Why? Because random number roulette is slot machines. And there’s no way you could win over a lot machine. If you do decide to play online roulette, it’s recommended that you choose live video feeds. That way you have a real wheel roulette that is made available to you. Also, having a live video feed can give you the feel of a real-life casino. A lot of people make this mistake and it wouldn’t be wise to be one of those people.

One thing that people might not pay all that much attention to is taking advantage of bonuses and promotions. Because New Zealand online gambling market has grown in popularity over the past few years, casinos are trying to attract as many customers as possible. Because of this, casinos offer costumers bonuses and promotions to stay competitive. If you can’t remember anything else about roulette, remember that you should always play roulette with some added value from bonuses or special offers. A lot of casinos offer various bonus options that could be of your liking.

5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On

FeaturedImage 5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On - 5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On

Pari-Mutuel or mutual betting is another form of gambling which is very popular in New Zealand. Foreign bettors can also place their wagers on New Zealand horse racing via the internet.

It is very crucial for bettors to immediately see the signs of a poor horse so that they would not place their bet on that horse and lose money in the process. Here are some of the 5 signs that will warn you of horses you should NOT place your bet on.

Agitated Horses

You can easily detect an agitated horse from a calm horse. We highly recommend not betting on those horses that show agitation or restlessness prior to the race because they might be new to racing or have medical problems.

Postimage 5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On horseracing - 5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On

Place your bet on calm horses because they show that they are prepared and are well-experienced in these events.

Neck conformation

There is an ideal horse neck formation for a winning horse. On the other hand, there are certain types of neck formation for horses that are unfit for racing. These are the close-couple cresty neck, close-couple upside-down neck, ewe neck, and swan neck

It is easy to see poor neck conformation right away.

Postimage 5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On horse - 5 Signs That Warns of Horses You Should Not Place Your Bet On

Horses that have been off for a long time

Do not place your bet on horses that have been off the racing events for more than 6 months. They are unlikely to win since they have been out of the game for a very long time. Choose those horses that have been racing constantly because it will tell you that those are physically fit to win the game.

Older horses

Other bettors may argue about this suggestion, but it has been observed that older horses are less likely to win the race. Older horses are those that are 7 years old and above. On the other hand, you must choose younger horses because they have more energy to use in winning the game.

Horses with a dull coat and flabby belly

Always avoid placing your bet on horses that have a dull coat. These horses may have medical issues so it is likely to negatively affect their performance in the racing event.

Moreover, you should also not bet on horses with a flabby belly. This is a sign that the horse has not been practising for a long time or that this horse is older. Remember, bet on horses that are younger.

These are just some of the immediate signs that you must detect right away before you place your bet on horse racing in New Zealand either land-based or internet-based.

5 New Zealand Soccer Betting Tips for Bettors

FeaturedImage 5 New Zealand Soccer Betting Tips for Bettors - 5 New Zealand Soccer Betting Tips for Bettors

Gambling is not limited to casino games and non-casino games. Sports betting is also a form of gambling. If you want to make money through sports betting in New Zealand, we suggest that you should check out our 5 New Zealand soccer game betting tips.

Have good bankroll management

It is always an SOP for all gamblers to make sure that they know how much they are willing to gamble in order for them to achieve their desired winning. We suggest that you must start with an end in mind.

This only means that you need to plan and budget before you actually place your wager.

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Select the most reputable licensed bookmaker

To our foreign bettors, we know that you must be very familiar with popular bookmakers around the world. However, since you are planning to place your wager on New Zealand soccer games, it is a must that you review the most reputable licensed bookmaker for this purpose.

Other bookmakers may not offer sports betting in New Zealand.

Postimage 5 New Zealand Soccer Betting Tips for Bettors reviewwager - 5 New Zealand Soccer Betting Tips for Bettors

Check the betting categories before placing your wager

The next step you must do is to familiarize yourself with the various types of sports betting. There are actually a number of betting categories in sports betting. Choose the category which you are very familiar with and focus your betting strategies on that specific category.

Read websites that have New Zealand soccer odds and predictions advisory

We also highly recommend that you read the New Zealand soccer odds and prediction advisory of some well-known websites. These sites can provide you with helpful information about your chosen New Zealand soccer team’s standing.

You can have the opportunity to think twice if you should really place your bet on that team.

Postimage 5 New Zealand Soccer Betting Tips for Bettors onlinereading - 5 New Zealand Soccer Betting Tips for Bettors

Study your chosen NZ soccer team’s Premiership Performance

It is absolutely a bad decision if you immediately place your wager on the New Zealand soccer team by means of your instincts alone. You must be able to compare teams with clarity.

Hence, we suggest that you review your soccer team’s premiership performance of last year. In this way, you will likely be able to gauge on the capability of your chosen soccer team to win the game.

These soccer game betting tips will surely help you win and earn more as you gamble on your favourite New Zealand soccer team.

We know you want to make money through gambling in New Zealand, that is why we also want you to see some of the 3 best online casinos with sports betting platforms.

Best Online Casinos and Sportsbooks for bettors in New Zealand

Here are the 3 best online casinos with sports betting platforms you can use.

They both have a website and mobile platforms.  This site offers a welcome bonus of up to 30,000 NZD with 150 free spins.

This online gambling company offers online casino, sports betting, bingo, and other games.  They offer a doubling of your deposit as a signup bonus with 200 free spins.

It is also one of the leading sports betting platforms partnered with an online casino. They also have a mobile platform for both online casino and sports betting. This site offers a 100% crypto bonus for new users.

We suggest that you use these online casinos with sports betting platforms so that you can maximize your time while you wait for the soccer game to finish and know if you win in sports betting.

5 Sure Tips to Winning More in New Zealand Online Scratch Cards

FeaturedImage 5 Sure Tips to Winning More in New Zealand Online Scratch Cards - 5 Sure Tips to Winning More in New Zealand Online Scratch Cards

Typically, scratch cards are gambling games which are printed on thick small paper cards with symbols or numbers hidden. The primary objective of this non-casino game is to scratch out the thin acrylic or latex film and reveal the matched symbols to win.

Online scratch cards also have the same mechanics except that they are played on computers or mobile phones via the internet.

A lot of people especially the gamblers would say that scratch cards are largely a game of chance, however, we believe that you can increase your chances of winning and earning more if you know some strategies.

Here are the 5 tips to winning more with the New Zealand online scratch cards.

Search for the NZ top-ranked online casino

Our first suggestion to scratch cards players who want to play New Zealand online scratch cards is to do a little research on the best New Zealand online scratch cards sites.

Choose those sites that offer the highest bonuses. Compare their different bonus offerings such as the sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, special offers, and loyalty schemes.

After choosing your top 5 New Zealand online scratch card sites, you should now reduce your list to your top 3. Your next step is to read reviews or blogs on your selected online scratch card sites.

These reviews and blog posts are helpful because they give you additional information and tips when you use those sites.

Postimage 5 Sure Tips to Winning More in New Zealand Online Scratch Cards cards - 5 Sure Tips to Winning More in New Zealand Online Scratch Cards

Select the type of scratch game you are familiar with

We highly recommend that you choose the right variant of the online scratch card games that you are familiar with or are easier games for you to comprehend. Though the game is very simple, it is advisable that you select the easiest variant of online scratch cards so that your only focus is on winning.

Bankroll management

If you read various sites that talk about gambling, you would absolutely notice that bankroll management is the most common factor everyone needs to consider when gambling. You need to budget your finances and use only money you are able to lose.

Always start with a small amount until you get the hang of it. When you gain more experience, you will surely have higher chances of winning.

Don’t bet on the jackpot alone

I know that your aim is to make money through gambling and you decided to play in New Zealand via online casinos, and you might be tempted to immediately bet on the jackpot alone.

You should never do that! It is important that you diversify your bets so that you have lesser chances of losing all your money.

Free practice rounds

Always make use of the free practice rounds of online scratch card games. Not all games have free practice rounds, so you must consider playing those with free ones. This will give you the opportunity to get familiar with the game.

The more comfortable you are with the game; the more likely it is that you can make better decisions.

It is true that online scratch card games are purely a game of chance, but having these sure tips would make you a better gambler. We suggest that you follow these tips so that you can boost your odds in playing New Zealand online scratch card games.